Plan on Visiting

Arriving at Church

We are located at 3501 Rogers Avenue in Fort Smith AR. Our worship services are Sundays at 10am. If this will be your first time visiting, feel free to use the “visitor parking” near the sanctuary entrance. Signs and maps are located around the church to help find your way. Come on in and find a seat.

Traditional Worship – Sundays at 10am, all are welcome, no dress code

We gather on Sundays at 10 AM in the sanctuary. Our services tend to be about an hour long. In them, we have a time for gathering together, sharing updates and announcements, praying, singing, hearing a scripture reading and a sermon, and having communion.

Our services are more traditional / formal (hymn books, bulletins, no screens or big light shows). But, we also strive to make it a warm and comfortable place that does not feel too rigid. There is no dress code. It’s common to see folks in suits next to folks in jeans, and all are comfortable. When you join us, expect for others to be friendly and introduce themselves. But know that you will never be put on the spot or singled out for being new. So, come as you are.

Two things that might be new to you if this will be your first time visiting is (1) that we celebrate an open communion. Every Christian, whether you are a member of this church or not, is invited to share in communion at the Lord’s table. (2) We are accompanied in song with the magnificence of a choir, a Qimby Pipe Organ, and English Bells for more of a traditional worship experience.

Sunday School – 9am

Sunday School begins at 9 AM in rooms across the church campus. There are opportunities for all ages, from preschool to adults. Right now, one of our adult Sunday School classes studies books of the Bible while the other participates in the Wired Word. Most folks try our worship service first and then make a plan to try out Sunday school in the following weeks. Drop in on one and see if it fits!

The Nursery, Kids, and Youth

We love kids! Child Care is available in the nursery from 8:45 to the close of worship. It is always staffed with experienced childcare professionals. We have Children’s Sunday school that starts at 9:00 for K-6 and a youth group for 7-12.