Neurodivergence and Mental Health

Whether its depression, anxiety, or special needs of any kind; please don’t wait to be “normal” before coming to church. If we did that, none of us would be here! First Christian Church is committed to doing kindness to everyone; those with depression, social anxiety, or special needs definitely included. While it’s hard to pin down exactly how we do this (you just sorta know it when you see it), we are committed to showing compassion to everyone, regardless of what you have going on.

Lots of us have been there, are there, or know someone who is there. So, we are especially loving towards those who need a community that can love them just as they are.

Four ways we seek to help:

  1. Not making a big deal out of it. You’re welcome here as you are, we’ll work with you on any needed accommodations, and that’s about it. You won’t be tokenized or treated like a demographic here. You’re just you and we respect that. We welcome you and your full story into an emotionally healthy way of doing church. If doing this means you need to step out of the room at times, be more selective on events and services you attend, or anything else; we get that.
  2. Quiet areas and times. If you’re at church and need to step away, please feel free to make use of a spare room or outdoor space as you see fit. No matter if it’s during worship, small groups, or any other time. Likewise, for those with sensory issues, reach out and consider coming by the church during our “off hours.” This will give you a chance to get acclimatized to the church before all the buzz of Sunday morning starts.
  3. Special events. We have a special needs Easter egg hunt for those who might not get many other chances there. Likewise, we seek to partner up with groups doing good work for mental health and those with special needs. If you have an idea, an event, or a group we should be aware of; we’re happy to explore with you.
  4. Always learning more. We aren’t experts on all this and we won’t pretend to be. If there are ways we can be more helpful, let us know and we would be glad to help.

Check out our Plan on Visiting page. We’ve run through all the ins and outs to help make it a smooth experience for you.