Seeking “Not that kind of” Christians

We are Disciples of Christ, a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.
As part of the one body of Christ, we welcome all to the Lord’s Table as God has welcomed us.

– Disciples of Christ Identity Statement

A Message of Welcoming from the Pastor, Nick:

Maybe you grew up in the church. Maybe you didn’t. Maybe you feel more spiritual than religious. Maybe you think all that religion talk is nonsense. Maybe you love Jesus but you don’t exactly click with most churches. Maybe you felt like you didn’t belong in churches after a divorce or other life change. Maybe its just been a while and you’d feel weird coming back. Maybe you’re just starting to think about God. Maybe you’ve thought long and hard, and some of your conclusions don’t match up with others. But, maybe you contemplate the meaning of it all, how we ought to live, if there is Something out there, etc.

And maybe vague spirituality isn’t enough.

If any of these maybes sounds like you, I want you to consider coming to worship with us. At no point will we put you on the spot or make it weird. Likewise, we don’t want to constantly tell you exactly what to think, but we do want you to have a community that asks these questions and seeks better answers together.

This church is a good place to be, especially for people who aren’t sure where they fit into it all. Personally, I love the community here. I love how many of us also volunteer in the community diligently – we’re a church that’s not just talk, we genuinely work for a better world. I love that people here really care for one another. I love that there’s a group of folks who knows everything there is to know about Star Trek. I love that we haven’t seen a single person walk through the door that didn’t walk out with a new friend. All of these things are great. This is a great church. But, I want to share three commitments that I work at to help make this already great community even better for spiritual refugees:

  1. Honest and Straightforward – Too often churches can pull a bait-and-switch when hard questions come up. Either that or shame gets thrown around for asking tough questions in the first place. If you’re thinking through some of these hard questions, it is my priority to give you honest, straightforward answers. For instance, questions about the Bible’s accuracy, faith and science, other religions, and how we know if any of it is true are all questions that are worth talking openly about. Discussing questions and doubts are what helps grow us into more mature understandings of faith, not lose our faith.
  1. Open Minded and Christian at the same time – It may go without saying but I’ll say it anyway. I’m a Christian minister. This is a church. We preach and teach from the Bible. So, expect for my answers to be about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, heaven, and things like that. If those aren’t your answers, that’s ok. You don’t have to be all in or a Bible expert to come to our services, but know that is where I’m coming from. I want to share my perspective and I want you to share yours, too. We don’t have to agree on every detail. I may challenge you to think and grow. I may ask big questions and give you some thoughts on how those questions could be answered. I will definitely continue to showcase why and how Jesus is the answer to a lot of the questions you may be asking. But, I will never put you in a box.
  1. Committed to Flourishing – The Disciples of Christ have been called “crockpot Christians” instead of “microwave Christians.” Week after week, we are called to grow together in faith in ways that make a difference in our lives and outside the church walls. Simply put, I love it when people are really and truly flourishing in life. Part of that means having their basic needs sorted out. Part of that means knowing who they are and where they fit into the world. Part of that means reflecting and growing in prayer and study. And, part of it means they have a deep purpose that really fulfills them. When I teach, preach, and meet with folks; that is my goal. I don’t want you to memorize a bunch of stuff. I don’t want you to act a certain way. What I want is for you to find your purpose, the reason God put you here. And I want to make sure you have the tools and knowledge to do great things with that purpose. Whatever you’re coming to the table with, bring it. Let’s see you start to flourish in Christ.

You shouldn’t be alone on your spiritual journey. You should have a community that welcomes you and helps you grow no matter what the specifics of that mean to you. If you’re all in on Christianity, come on in. If you have some questions, come on in. If you’re pretty skeptical about it all but have a desire for a real community, come on in. We’re all on this journey together.