COVID-19 Guidelines

At First Christian Church, we have a commitment to follow the advice of health officials (specifically, the CDC and state health officials, as advised by our COVID committee which itself is comprised of people with direct medical experience). Likewise, we commit to working through this together, never asking about or making choices for anyone based on vaccination status. At this time, we feel comfortable in our “new normal.” Most of the church is back in the swing of things! However, we are continuing to offer options like online worship and no-contact churchgoing.


  • Face masks are optional. Some wear them, some don’t, all are respectful to one another.
  • We have options for no contact church going. Get a bulletin and a prepackaged communion cup when you come in and find a space with some distance from others.
  • We have room to spread out during worship and have modified how we do communion to better increase safety for everyone involved.
  • Sunday school and small groups are flexible to the differing needs folks have at this time.


Though we are doing everything within reason to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and have been fortunate thus far, we must be prepared for the possibility of spread occurring while at church. If you test positive and believe that you were at the church while contagious, please do the following:

  • To the best of your ability, call those you were sitting closest to in order to inform them.
  • Contact the church office at (479) 783-1139 to inform the staff. The church office will share with the congregation that a positive case was found so that folks can respond in the specific ways that are right for them and their situation. We will not share names or any identifying information. However, we do need this information to better inform and respond to the situation at hand.
  • If there is a large outbreak, the church office will inform you and follow up procedures will be found here and in the newsletter.