Children’s Fellowship

The Children’s Sunday School (K-6th) meets every Sunday at 9:30 in the Children’s building. Each week starts with music and prayer before we head off to class where we study one big idea each month. On the first Sunday, we have a drama class where we read the scripture and act out the lesson. On the second Sunday, students create crafts that relate to the lesson. On the third Sunday, we have popcorn and watch a short movie on the lesson. On the fourth Sunday, we have a cooking class that relates itself back to the lesson. When there is a fifth Sunday in a month, we use it to work on projects which will act as gifts to the community.                                                                    

Teachers:  Kristi W., Nicole Maxey, Michelle Moran

COVID-19 Note: Due to the ongoing pandemic, some meetings have been cancelled to better ensure the health and safety of all involved. Contact the church for more info.