COVID-19 Guidelines

During this season of life, we are taking extra precautions to better ensure the health of all those who join us. Please do look through our procedures for staying safe during COVID. We are meeting in person for worship with these procedures in place. If you and your family have determined it is not yet time to come back to church, consider joining us via our Youtube services. We also have Sunday school online available for adults. Let’s stay safe while staying connected.


–  One Narthex entry door is to be kept in an open position on both east and west sides.

–  Face masks must be on and properly worn before entry.  Church will provide face mask if needed.  Masks which have an air release valve are not acceptable.

–  Temperature check will be taken for each individual upon arrival.

–  Use the 6-foot distance floor markers as guides to maintain the appropriate separation from others.

–  All attendees are encouraged to minimize gathering and to proceed into the Sanctuary.

–  Hand sanitizer must be used by all individuals before entering Sanctuary.


–  Face masks must be worn properly at all times.

–  No nursery will be provided.  Children must sit with parents or guardians.

–  No seating allowed in pews, or portions of pews, identified as “restricted.”

–  A 6-foot social distance seating separation is expected to be honored by attendees from those with which they do not share a household setting or those with which they do not normally have daily contact or interaction.  Any other seating arrangement requires the expressed mutual consent between all of the individuals comprising the group.

–  No congregational singing.

–  Individuals must sign-in with their name and contact number on pad provided for that purpose at their individual seating location.  Sign-in pad to be left on pew for after-service collection by church staff.  This information is necessary for contact tracing in the event an individual in attendance is later known to be positive for Covid-19, or determined to have been potentially been exposed to a positive Covid-19 setting.


–  One Narthex exit door is to be kept in an open position on both the east and west sides.

–  No “gathering” at distances of less than 6-feet in Narthex following services.  All attendees are encouraged to proceed to an outdoor location when weather allows.

–  Place worn disposable masks in trash receptacles located by the exit doors.  Do not leave worn reusable masks at the church for return usage.