Small Groups

Every Wednesday at noon and at 6pm in Disciples Hall, we have small groups. All are welcome to join us as we gather around tables, share our lives with one another, and discuss our faith. Whether you are coming on your own and looking for a group or wanting to come along with some others, we will be happy to have you. Come make some new friends with us!

Keep up with the newsletter to see what book we are reading.


6pm – Gather, pray together as a small group, and catch up.
6:10-6:30 – Reading together and a lesson
6:30-6:55 – Small Group Discussions (we provide discussion questions to help you get started with understanding and applying the scripture to your life).
6:50-7 – Share closing thoughts as you feel so led and close in prayer


  • Youth are welcome to attend with us and move out to the youth room to play and discuss the lesson.
  • Younger children are welcome to join with their parents / guardians, but we will not be providing a nursery at this time.
  • You are welcome to bring a meal with you or coordinate with your small group to have a meal together.