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The Installation of Dr Jarrett Banks

Jesus Loves Me
Bell Trio: Cavan, Connor, and Kira Moore
Click Here to watch the video


Rev Randy Jay - YouTube Video
Randy Jay Video Greetings

O Holy Night  video

Back Yard Bunch - 2015 Children's Choir presentation
Limited Version - Theme Song
Full length video

Ordination Service Zena and Rose

Los Fresnos Video from the Spring 2014 Mission Trip

Garvan Woodland Gardens April 25, 2014

FCC Youth Canopy Tour
Exclusive - Zena Marshall Head-Cam video
See the Video                                       video

Valentine Day Lucheon
with musical guest Ron Hicks
See the Video                                              video


Celebration Festival  - 2013                     video

Sign Demolished again -   See Randy Jay on Channel 5

Christmas Program 2012

Creekmore Park Holiday Express

Seniors Travel to Mt Magazine

Heather and Micah's Wedding    video

Mission to Lake Charles 2012
Old Oak Tree
Fall Festival Photos 2011 
December Photos 2011

Local Mission Pictures
Next Step Day Room
Etna, Arkansas
August Mission Pictures

Summercel (photos of Bentonville/Joplin Mission)

DWF Retreat

Mission 2011 - New Orleans 

Celtic Bells video

Disciple Men's Retreat 

Youth Attend Snoasis

Candle Light Communion Videos

Youth at TCU Game



DWF Retreat

Local Mission 2010

Youth Mission 2010

Victory Dinner - Fish Fry video

Springtime At FCCDOC

Church Women United 

Audio Hymn Series with Dianna Jackson

Unusual Spring Snow  

Easter Sunday School  

Disciples women making kits for Haitian Babies 

Easter  Youth Service and Seder Meal

Video Treasures the movie 

Pictures from the Koinonia "Video Treasures" movie 

 Snoasis 2010

Interfaith Christmas 2009

 "I Believe" VIDEO from the Candlelight Service  

Interfaith Party

Mayor's Good Neighbors

Golf Tournament and Picnic - 2009

Youth Travel to TCU  

Howard and Jeanette 60th Wedding Anniversary   

Children's Choir 2009  

Vacation Bible School 2009  

Shepherds and Lambs Sunday School Class Party 

Mission Trip Video  Video

Prime Time at  Methodist Village 

Cartoon Christmas 

Koinonia Fall 2008 - A success story  with "Santa Fe Soup" recipe

Paint the Park Pink 

Youth help out Habitat for Humanity workers

Promotion Sunday Pancake Breakfast 

2008 Mission Trip   

Seniors Travel to Lake Fort Smith 

Handbell Spring Ring

Music in Ministry Concert  VIDEO

Pictures from Koinonia    with a "Dripped Beef" recipe  

Disciples Bells on YouTube  VIDEO

Christmas Tradition at FCC   

Welcome Home Baskets  

Thanksgiving at FCCDOC  

Koinonia 2007  

CWF General Meeting Sept 2007  


CWF Project  

Mission Trip to Hattiesburg  

Alice Stoner surprise birthday party

2007 Softball Team    

Take The Plunge! 

Fish Fry Commitment Sunday

Easter 2007  

Youth Sunday 2007  

Spring in our Backyard  

Koinonia 2007

Youth on the regional web site

Changing Ladies   

The Banner Makers   

Mission 2007

Mission Trip 2007 departure

Gathering and Preparing of the Greens  

Ed and Lonette Bebensee mission trip to Guatemala  

The Missing Disciple  

Jeremy S. Adcock begins as new organist  

Youth Mission Trip    Audio

Vacation Bible School 2006 #1 

Vacation Bible School 2006 #2

Youth Sunday  2006  #1

Youth Sunday 2006  #2

Youth Mid-Winter Retreat

Youth Trip To Branson

Randy Jay Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Pictures from Christmas 2005

All Church Picnic

“Putt your best foot forward!”

"Some came for food and friends"

"Go-carts can really fly"

Celebration of Women 2005





Bible School 2005   

2005 Softball Team   

Nic at Night Fish Fry 

Spring Talent Show 2005

2004 Hanging of the Greens


150 Year Saturday Picnic New Group Picture
150 Year Sunday Breakfast 150 Year Golf Tournament 

Page one

Page two

A History of  FCCDOC in Fort Smith

Written by Lee Jones

Highlights and Sidelights 1854 - 1985


The Buildings 

The Ministers 


Vacation Bible School at FCCDOC 

Snoasis 2004   

Youth go to Devil's Den 2004   

FCC Music Kids go to Branson   

Christmas at FCC   

Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner / Bring a friend Sunday 

Children's Moment 10/19/03      

Chastain - Scott Memorial       

After Church Pot Luck Dinner   

Dianna Turns 40 -- Surprise!           

CYF Church Camp  2003 

2003 Softball Team          

Senior Adults on the Road Again       

A little work pays off for 2nd and 3rd Graders      


Victory Dinner a Success   

New Members by Baptism         

Backyard Bunch 2003    

Snoasis 2003       

CYF goes "Venturing"       

The "unhanging" of the Greens   

Hark! The Angels Sing - Musical Drama    

Alternative Gift Market       

Harvest Festival 2002   

Fall Fandango 2002 

Pictures from Koinonia Fall 2002   

Bug Safari          

Meet Mark Railey  

Camp  JYF-ChiRho 2002   

Herman McCollough Memorial         

2002 Softball Team   

What Would Jesus Do?   

Easter Pictures 2002 

Newest members by Baptism  

The Older Generations  

Koinonia Spring 2002  

Snoasis 2002 

Scavenger Hunt  

Ft Smith Host Johnny Wray 

The new building - DISCIPLES HALL

Thanksgiving Victory Dinner   

Around the Church  

Freedom Harvest Festival

Fall Fandango 2001    


CWF becomes ADW    

Polar Expedition   

St Louis Mission Trip 2001   

Easter 2001 

Rachel Returns from India  

New members baptized - Palm Sunday 2001  

30 Hour Famine  

A Taste of God's World    

Regional Assembly 2001 - Ft Smith Church well represented  

Chi Rho Epiphany Party 2001

Scenes from the first "Godly Play"

Scenes from Harvest Festival 2000

More Godly Play   

The Little House Reading Club (from Koinonia) trip to Mansfield Missouri.  

Ann at her retirement party.   

All "new babies" aren't the same.  

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