Video Archive - 1954

This video was taken in 1954 and restored by Mac Respess.  Please help us to  identify as many individuals in the video as possible.  If you recognize someone, make a note of the time clock and what the person is wearing, then send information to


Click bottom right corner of video to make full screen.


Wow! This is video

4:11Polly Mano:  helping out in the Nursery Dept;red dress

4:32 Carolyn Haley:  Kindergarten Class;  pink ruffled dress

4:36 Jean Jones:  helping out in Kindergarten class;  blue dress

5:05  Susan (Anthony) Wilson: Kindergarten class; yellow dress with a ruffled collar

6:07 Donnie York: Primary Department, white shirt & red bow tie

6:12  Meredith Lynn Howard:  Primary Department;  red plaid dress with white collar
7:15 Lucille (Muse) Anthony: Primary Department;  navy dress with large white collar

7:58 Marsha Lee Howard:  Junior Department; matching red plaid dress with white collar

8:09 Carol Lee Garner:  Intermediate Class;  white polka dot dress with navy collar
8:57 Johnny Anthony & Jimmy Anthony: Intermediate Dept;  navy jackets with matching bow ties

10:26  Shirley White: -- is that you in the orange and blue plaid?

12:05 Polly & Leonard Mano:  Cornerstone Class;  red dress, dark suit & green tie
Their children Randy Mano and Jan (Mano) Watson presumably are in the Nursery &
Kindergarten classes respectively.

13:02 Dorothy & Albert Howard:  Cornerstone Class;  purple dress, gray suit
14:53 John Keelin Anthony:  Friendship Class; dark gray suit with navy & white tie
16:51 Ida Muse (our grandmother): Women's Bible class;  dark jacket, white blouse, dark hat

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